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WASP Security Electric fence in Thailand WASP Security Electric fence in Thailand

Electric Fence In Thailand

Traditional physical barriers such as fencing, walls and palisades in conjunction with barbed or razor coils are evident at residences and industrial sites throughout Thailand.

It is Wasp’s opinion that there is nothing to compare with an electric fence when one wishes to ensure that intruders in Thailand do not enter where they are not wanted. Not only will the intruder be faced with a physical barrier, they will also be exposed to high voltage pulses that WILL deter the most hardened criminal.

A Wasp electric fence is a primary security system. An electric fence not only acts as a physical barrier, but also acts as an early warning alarm system. The fence is continuously monitored and will generate an alarm if interfered with or tampered with. This means it is designed to prevent unwanted people from entering your property. This differs from a secondary security system; like a conventional burglar alarm (electronic beams, PIR sensors etc) which only detect people once they are already on your property; or CCTV cameras which don’t usually prevent anything, they are usually only there to go over after an event and see who did what.

There is no doubt; an electric fence is an asset to home owners and businesses alike, offering effective security and peace of mind.

WASP is the leading electric security fence installer in Thailand. We have over 200 installations in Thailand ranging from 18 to 1500 metres, plus installations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos.

Wasp has a 100% record. No one has ever gained access to a property by climbing through or over one of OUR fences.

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Electric Fence For House

Electric Fence For House


Is not only a barrier to intrusion but also a VERY good deterrent. Some of you will have come into contact with “cow fences” during your youth, you remember?

Electric Fence For Business

Electric Fence For Business


For industrial complexes, factories, warehouses, construction sites, car dealers, logistics companies
and more.


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