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Electric Fence For Business


for industrial complexes, factories, warehouses, construction sites, car dealers, logistics companies and more.

Your current alarm system lets you know that there is a security breach but an internal alarm system will activate only after the initial damage is done by the intruder. Any physical response which occurs after the incident and after the damage or injuries has occurred is too little too late. Relying on physical security is as we all know very doubtful, costly and requires continuous supervision as well as training.


designs electric fence burglar deterrent alarm systems specific to your premises to protect your properties perimeter uses tried and tested equipment from the world's major manufacturers and can be linked to your current conventional point of entry alarm.

A WASP system gives you:

Intruder Deterrent and Detection
A WASP electric fence is a powerful intruder deterrent, which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or used as a stand-alone fence. The obvious physical presence of the fence and bright yellow warning signs are visually off-putting to any potential intruder and present a potent front-line deterrent. Any attempt to cut or climb the fence is met by a non-lethal but very unpleasant shock and attempts to short circuit, reduce the voltage or breach the fence in any way generates an immediate alarm.

Intruder Deterrent and Detection
WASP systems use tried and tested sate-of-the-art equipment. Alarm systems components comply with current international safety rules and regulations.

Key Features

Ultimate security and easy to operate
The WASP system can be broken down into zones; single or dual zone controllers for small to medium installations, six zone controller for larger installations, so that the system immediately recognizes the attempted entry location. The WASP fence readily integrates and interfaces with standard security equipment. In the event of power failure, the fence energizer has its own internal battery which provides back up until the power is restored.

Help and Support
WASP fence components are manufactured in Thailand, electronics units are imported from selected manufacturers. Our team is always on hand to give advice and support where needed.



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