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Questions & Answers


Will my pet be electrocuted?

Cats are perceptive to the aurora of the electric fence. That means they can “ smell ” the magnetic field and therefore would not normally be shocked by it. Dogs can’t reach a wall top fence, but if they could they would usually touch the fence, but thereafter not continue to touch it, they will not die by merely touching it.

Will it hurt my child?

No, the pulse is intermittent. Should a child or for that matter an adult touch the fence by accident, the immediate reaction is to pull away.

What sort of a deterrent is it?

An excellent deterrent. It is designed to keep unwanted people outside. Should it be cut, unlike razor wire for example an alarm will sound.

Do I need a conventional burglar alarm as well?

No. The energizer has its own alarm system. Some energizers have extra inputs for wireless sensors which can be added if you wish.

Can a criminal place something like a blanket or rubber mat on top of it climb over?

Due to the fence design using springs the wire will be shorted out when touching and an alarm will sound.

Is it possible to connect the fence to my existing alarm system?

Yes. It will act as a separate zone.

What would happen if the wires were cut?

Firstly it would be difficult to cut the live wires without been shocked. The intruder would have to be determined and if this did happen the fence would immediately go to alarm.

What sort of voltage is in the fence?

The maximum voltage allowed by IEC rules is 10,000 volts. However it is the energy of the pulse that gives the shock. That capacity is measured in joules not volts.

Will my monthly electricity bill increase dramatically?

No, a fence system uses very little power less than a small light bulb

What happens should there be a power failure?

Good energizers have a battery backup and therefore will continue to work.

Do tree branches have an effect on the fence?

It is advisable to keep these trimmed back; however a good energizer is not adversely affected.

What happens if it rains?

The insulators have water barriers so all that happens when it rains is the intruder gets a bigger shock because he is wet.

Do I only switch on the fence when I go out, or at night time?

No, the fence is to remain on 24/7.



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